To all the boys I’ll love

Sometimes you need to realize that maybe being in love,being truly and completely in love is when you start to enjoy someone’s companionship over your own company. This might sound silly cause ,who actually likes being all alone,but the truth is, being with someone and realising that you could be with them every single moment, without running away, without feeling detached , without feeling alone, without missing yourself,that is what love is.
When I chose your company cause it makes me more comfortable than I am with myself. When I smile a little wider,when my heart feels just a little lighter and maybe when I feel like maybe forever isn’t all that much of a fantasy.
Now forever is rather relative really.I could be with somebody forever,like years altogether and yet just a moment with you is like a timeless forever .
When a small smile of yours makes me feel just a bit calmer,when I realize that a little glance makes my heart flutter. This isn’t the lalala love ,it’s the little hope I have that makes me KNOW that with you ,this sometimes messy life will start to make sense. Cause I know you will be there when I’m laughing with all those snorty sounds and you will love me anyways.
Love is when you are passionate about my dreams,when you go that extra mile just to be there as a support,a shoulder ,a hug, a pat ,a proud smile. Love is when I be a better version of myself,accept my myself for who I am because I know for a fact that you won’t feel anything different if you knew about my dirty little secrets,my fetishes.
Making a relationship work isn’t ever actually work. Its about constantly caring , supporting and building each other. It’s about never failing to encourage,comfort and love each other.
I want you to make me feel vulnerable, vulnerable because I know that there are things about me you know which I wouldn’t in my sane mind say out loud.I want to be insane about you,want to be insanely in love with you. I want you to make me feel discomfort in the amount of comfort and trust I have invested in you, make me wonder each day how you manage to make me feel so powerless and powerful in just a simple touch. How I feel so lucky and yet, I feel secure about having you in my life. Knowing that come what may our relationship will never be complicated or full of misunderstandings;cause quite frankly I know how your nose turns red and you look away from my eyes when you are hiding something. You are always going to be my best friend first,my boyfriend later. And I think that works well for us .
I want you to make me feel confident about every single insecurity of mine cause I know I don’t have to be anything for you,me being me ,that’s all you ever wanted ,that’s all you’ll ever need. I want to look at every shortcoming of mine and remember how you say that you love me JUST THE WAY I am .
I want to look through my gallery and see the million obnoxious pictures of you, cause we can’t bear to not annoy each other every second we are apart . I want you to turn me on ,turn me on with your thoughts ,with how powerful and intimidating your mind is.
I want all that , yet maybe I’ll just fall in love with how adorable you look every time you smile and how well you get along with every one you meet. I want to love every thing about you,the good, the bad ,the weird ,the crazy ,the whole of you,every one of your million selves. I want to be that one person who you don’t have to be careful around ,be reckless with me ,cause there is nothing about you that could scare me away. Yes,you are stuck with me for life.